Pilates Reformer

Revive Studios Pilates Reformer classes engage the mind-body connection,
while dramatically transforming the way your body looks, feels and performs.

Pilates reformer classes aim to improve posture and balance, while targeting your powerhouse muscles.

Each class will work your glutes, hips, pelvic floor and lower back muscles.
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Member Reviews

"I have been going to pilates reformer classes twice a week for 7 weeks and the difference I feel is amazing! I have increased energy, I am stronger and more confident in myself and my abilities."
— Kerry M
"The pilates reformer class is welcoming to newcomers and offers lots of variations to accommodate different experience levels."
— Lauren H
"I have been attending Pilates classes at Revive Studios for nearly 3 years. I was reluctant to begin because I had two knees that were bone on bone, but with the help of June and Claudine, my knees began to improve. I decided to have knee surgery in January and have rehabbed very well because I was so strong from Pilates. I have also met many wonderful women in the classes that have been very supportive."
— Maria S
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The Class

An hour long class that focuses on YOU! Strengthen your core and build your confidence in classes of eight people or less. Work toward your goals and feel good doing it!
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The Instructors

Our inspiring instructors welcome individuals of any skill level in their classes. Whether you're just beginning your pilates reformer journey or are an expert, our instructors possess the coaching skills to help you achieve your goals.
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The Members

Form a community with fellow class members and work toward your goals together! With smaller class sizes you will get to know familiar faces and connect with others that will inspire you.